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Neutronic core calculations of Bushehr VVER-1000 reactor and investigating the control rod worth using MCNPX code (5323 Downloads)
Archaeology dating of pottery samples obtained from center of Iran by using thermoluminescence technique (4442 Downloads)
An overview of the cytogenetic methods in biological dosimetry (4063 Downloads)
A new multistage etching method for calibration of CR-39 nuclear track detector for alpha particles spectroscopy (3884 Downloads)
Measurement of 99Mo breakthrough in 99mTc radiopharmaceutical solution (3863 Downloads)
Legal aspects of nuclear installations safety in Iran (3596 Downloads)
Statistical comparison of microwave radiation leakage around the microwave ovens imported in Iran between 2005 and 2009 (3245 Downloads)
Measurement and comparison of radioactivity concentration of radon indoor air of buildings faced by granite and carbonate (3125 Downloads)
A Monte- Carlo simulation of received doses by prostate and some critical organs following prostate brachytherapy using 3 isotope seeds 131Cs ,103Pd and 125 I (2952 Downloads)
Risk assessment in general application of optical radiations in the view of protection against radiation (2894 Downloads)
Quality control and calibration of RAMS – 88 dose calibrator's devices in nuclear medicine centers in Iran (2798 Downloads)
Production of silver-activated zinc sulfide (ZnS:Ag) scintillation detector for counting alpha particles (2771 Downloads)
The production mechanism and characteristics of Cherenkov radiation in the soft X-ray region (2707 Downloads)
Assessment of public exposure to radiofrequency radiation near mobile phone base stations in Iran (2676 Downloads)
Radon and Thoron measurements in active faults of North-East of Iran (2663 Downloads)
Design and fabrication of a new parallel plate ionization chamber for diagnostic X-Ray dosimetry (2644 Downloads)
The measurements of CTDIw and DLP in routine CT protocols and comparison with reference dose level in Kashan, Iran (2642 Downloads)
Synthesis of pure NaCl particles with different sizes and investigation of their thermoluminescence properties under γ irradiation (2597 Downloads)
Assessment of ultraviolet radiation emitted by compact fluorescent lamps (2524 Downloads)
The effect of quantity of intake Cesium-137 on its tissue absorption (2502 Downloads)
Synthesis of CaF2 doped with Tl and investigation of its dosimetric properties (2461 Downloads)
Investigation of characteristics of common methods of retrospective dosimetry (2454 Downloads)
Design, production and quality control of standard sources of 60Co produced in Tehran nuclear reactor (2453 Downloads)
Calculation of neutron flux and spectrum in three north beam tubes of Tehran research reactor for BNCT, by MCNP (2395 Downloads)
Determination of proton energy range in thyroid gland therapy and calculation of energy distribution of protons and neutrons from the (p,n) reaction in this gland using MCNPX code (2379 Downloads)
Radiological management in nuclear accidents (2314 Downloads)
Assessment of molybdenum powder discharge from Tehran research reactor due to a human error (2290 Downloads)
Evaluation of image quality and patient dose in computerized mammography systems and film-screen mammography systems in Iran (2271 Downloads)
Evaluation of bremsstrahlung photon contamination resulting from electron therapy at the Ayat-O-llah Khansari hospital (2269 Downloads)
Design and feasibility of construction anthropomorphic phantom human whole-body for use in radiotherapy (2250 Downloads)
Simulation of a microstrip proportional detector for radon and daughter detection by MCNPX Code (2224 Downloads)
Manufacturing and testing of a Neutron Thermopile detector at Tehran research reactor’s thermal column (2156 Downloads)
Evaluation and measurement of the secondary neutron dose in high energy X-ray radiotherapy at the Ayatollah Khansari hospital (2126 Downloads)
Radio protective effects of Cerium Salt against Gamma-ray-induced structural changes in Bovine Serum Albumin (2104 Downloads)
Biological effects estimation of radioactivity discharge from Tehran research reactor after hypothetical accident (2101 Downloads)
The least shielding design requirements for a mammography room using MCNP-4C code (2041 Downloads)
Investigation of electronic behavior of an irradiated diode circuit for gamma radiation purposes (2015 Downloads)
Investigation on treatment of superficial tumors with Tehran research reactor BNCT neutron beam (1987 Downloads)
Study of electrical properties of a novel dosimeter based on polymer-carbon nanotube nano-composite (1946 Downloads)
Design and fabrication of a ring-shaped ionization chamber with graphite guard rings (1939 Downloads)
Evaluation of public dose due to natural radiation of Gamma and Radon in Kashan city in Iran (1912 Downloads)
Investigation of bone tissue heterogeneity on the distribution of the dose of brachytherapy source Pd103 MED3633 model using the Monte Carlo method (1889 Downloads)
Design and construction of a new neutron radiography system at Tehran Research Reactor (1883 Downloads)
Application of a single-beam gamma densitometer for void fraction measurement in a rectangular channel (1858 Downloads)
Assessment of the effective dose during BNCT at TRR epithermal facility (1856 Downloads)
The feasibility of a shield for the 241Am-9Be source using industrial wastes by experimental methods and genetic algorithm (1837 Downloads)
Simulation of space radiation effect on the platelets cell (1833 Downloads)
Comparative study of regulatory structure and safety approaches in nuclear and aviation industries (1821 Downloads)
Multilayer shielding simulation for a cylindrical 241Am-Be source in order to further reduce neutron equivalent dose using MCNP5 code (1814 Downloads)
Synthesis of nanocrystalline Li2B4O7:Mg by combustion method and study their luminescence behavior (1811 Downloads)
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